Stevanato Group has retained GattiHR Industrial for their Senior Scientist search, located in Boston, MA. Tom Conroy and Bob Cwenar will lead this search.

Founded in 1949, Stevanato Group is committed to creating systems, processes and services that guarantee the integrity of parenteral medicines.

In Stevanato Group’s vision for the future, quality is a crucial dimension for the development of their SG4D approach: through the synergy of all 4 Divisions – Glass, Plastic, Engineering, Services – Stevanato has become a full solution provider, adopting a Total Quality Approach to design new solutions in line with the highest quality standards and providing systems that are safe to patients. This focus on quality and innovation allows Stevanato to stay aligned with their customers, respond to the need of continuous improvement, and being compliant to all regulations that are applicable, which establishes the organization as an industry leader and ideal partner for fully integrated solutions in terms of products, processes and services.

The Senior Scientist will be responsible for organizing and collaborating with the Technical Leader in spearheading and setting up crucial projects and study targets, as well as providing accurate, quality project deliverables. This person will be the point of contact in managing technical communications with customers, while defining study / project feasibility, test plans and efforts, and resources within Stevanato Group. In addition, the Senior Scientist will coordinate and supervise the execution team, providing timing and deliverables, all while focused on schedule / timeline, budget, and quality commitments for the customer. There will be critical oversight of the data collection and interpretation, analysis, documentation, and reporting of results and the derivation of study conclusions.

This is a critical role within Stevanato, and will include, from start to finish, test / study management, control of results and deliverables, from conception and design to completion. The ideal candidate will be working with a multitude of laboratory equipment, techniques and methodologies, and should have a demonstrated understanding in past work experience.


  • Education: BS/MS/PhD PhD in chemistry, pharmaceutical chemistry/science, biotechnology or equivalent.
  • At least 5 years of experience in pharma, medical device or packaging (R&D) industry
  • Established knowledge of E&L, protein formulation and biotherapeutics
  • Well-established knowledge of analytical laboratory equipment
  • Expert in particular analytical techniques/methodologies such as:
    • Physical and chemical separation techniques
    • Inorganic element analysis (ICP-OES, ICP-MS and IC)
    • Chromatography (GC-MS /HPLC-UV/MS etc.)
    • FT-IR, Raman and UV-vis spectroscopy
    • Microscopic and optical- based techniques (light microscopy, SEM, etc.)
    • forensic and failure/fractographic analysis
    • Visible and sub-visible particles analysis and characterization (Light Obscuration, Micro flow imaging etc.)
    • Container Closure Integrity testing (vacuum decay, gas tracers, mass extraction, compendial methods etc.)
    • Surface characterization techniques (SIMS, Laser Ablation ICP-MS, XRF, AFM, etc.)
    • Functionality/mechanical testing (preferred)
  • Strong background and hands-on experience in the field of method design, development and validation & transfer according to ISO 17025, materials and testing standards, ICH guidelines, cGMP, GLP and ISO 11040, ISO 11608, USP <697>, USP <1207>.
  • Extensive experience in test method customization
  • Root cause analysis and troubleshooting skills
  • Software: knowledge of Minitab, Origin, Office
  • Six sigma and/or green belt certification (preferred)
  • Metrology and instrument calibration knowledge
  • Project management experience (preferred)
  • Experience handling hazardous materials

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