QMS Medicosmetics has retained GattiHR Industrial for their Sales Manager, U.S. search. Tom Conroy and Marleigh Miller will lead this search.

In 1986, Dr. Erich Schulte revolutionized the way we treat and care for our skin and created QMS Medicosmetics.  Dr. Schulte, an acknowledged and respected leading specialist in skincare, combined his passion for science with his vast experience whilst working as a surgeon in the fields of trauma and cosmetic surgery, created an innovative and more effect form of skincare. He saw the future of skincare as being interlinked with the development of modern technologies used to transport the ingredients deep into the epidermal layer.

Every QMS Medicosmetics product is crafted based on skincare formulations based on scientific logic, not miracles.

The primary function of the Sales Manager is to effectively target, qualify, and close new business for QMS Medicosmetics. This position is directly responsible for creating a sales budget, managing the sales efforts and be a leading driver of US/regional sales growth. He/she will drive brand recognition, develop medical spa partnerships, and lead marketing to new and existing customers within the United States. The Sales Manager, reporting directly to the CEO, will be required to fully understand the luxury beauty, skincare, and medical spa market. He/she will need to be an expert in the company’s offerings, pricing and price adjustments. Most important, the chosen candidate will have a demonstrated track record of success and business growth in a high-end medical spa environment, targeting businesses within the US metro markets, and can evidence clear understanding and leadership of luxury brand building including:

  • In-depth discovery processes aimed at developing a clear understanding of customers’ current-state and ideal-state gaps;
  • Comprehensive brand development, initially at a regional level that can scale to a national plan
  • Understanding decision-making dynamics and gaining access. Establishing a value proposition for all decision-makers. Building consensus and developing commitment with partners.

In this position, the Sales Manager will need to have the capability, and be interested in, a highly self-directed role, focused on a high-end luxury product.

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