Free Online Courses to Better Yourself as an HR Professional

At GattiHR, we watch the careers of HR professionals grow and evolve across industries and businesses. Human Resources is a function that can touch every part of a business, and an HR professional’s growth path has unlimited potential and direction, and so many resources can be found online. Below is a list of a few classes on Udemy that stand out as top resources for the unending growth potential of those interested in and committed to the evolving profession of HR.

Administrative HR for Beginners

Administrative HR for Beginners a one-hour class that takes anyone interested in the business of HR compliance and regulation as well as employee engagement and relations. This is a great class for anyone starting out in HR or those working in start-ups, small businesses, or offices where a little insight into HR can take the fulfillment of these responsibilities to the next level.

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Human Resources (HR) administration is vital to the success of every business and every employee. HR is responsible for ensuring compliance with regulations – but they are also responsible for keeping employees engaged and motivated to do good work. The ability to balance both equally is a skill that requires knowledge and practice.

Yet many start-ups, small businesses and ‘accidental’ HR managers (administrative assistants or office managers who find themselves doing HR as part of their duties) focus on compliance. While corporate policies and labor practices are important, they don’t drive the success of your business.

If you are a small business owner who wants a deeper understanding of HR, someone looking for a job in HR, or an administrative professional whose duties include HR, this course is for you. It provides a general introduction to the role and duties of HR, with a little insight into taking your HR responsibilities to the next level.

Job Design, Compensation & Benefits

Job Design, Compensation and Benefits is a 2-hour introduction class perfect for any HR professional who wants to go deeper into how job design can motivate employees. How compensation and benefits interact as well as how they each stand on their own.

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What You’ll Learn:

  • To list the basic elements of a job analysis program
  • To identify the main methods of job analysis
  • To apply the main data collection techniques used in a job analysis
  • To outline the main elements of a job description and specification
  • To discuss the uses of job descriptions
  • To explain the role of job analysis and job evaluation in developing an internal pay structure
  • To discuss the strategic issues surrounding monetary compensation

Talent Management 2020

Talent Management 2020: How to Develop & Retain Top Employees this 2-hour class allows HR professionals to gain insight into how HR is foundational for businesses to grow and develop by facing the challenge of attracting and retaining top talent.

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What You’ll Learn:

  • Recruiting, Managing & Retaining Employees, Even if You Don’t Have Human Resource Degree or Knowledge
  • Attract & Hire Qualified Staff
  • Develop & Engage Top Performing Workforce
  • Learn the Human Resource (HR) Practices to Retain Employees & Reduce Attrition Rate
  • Learn about Talent Acquisition, Performance Management, Performance Appraisal & Succession Planning
  • Using Motivators for Increasing Employee Performance
  • How to Take Care of Your Employees
  • Retain the Employees by Understanding & Fulfilling Their Needs
  • Discover the Best Approach to Understand Employee’s Mindset


Udemy offers a 4-part series called HIPAA and HITECH taking HR professionals through the key principles of compliance planning, building security standards, and creating accountability. This series also provides actionable steps for implementing HIPAA policies and educating and engaging employees.

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Section 1: HIPAA/HITECH Fundamentals– This section outlines the HIPAA regulatory requirements as well as the consequences and sanctions for non-compliance.

Section 2: Key HIPAA Principles – As an architect of your Compliance Plan, you will learn the key principles of HIPAA and HITECH and how to translate these principles into meaningful and appropriate policies and procedures to guide the daily functions of your workforce.

Section 3: Foundation Built on HIPAA Privacy and Security Standards – This section provides checklists and more of the elements of the Privacy and Security Standards, which must be translated into appropriate policies and procedures to guide the specific functions of each faction of your workforce.

Section 4: Prevent Sanctions with Compliance – Accountability is key to compliance. Documenting appropriate policies and procedures is the first component of achieving compliance but implementation is the second step. This section uses Case Studies to demonstrate the consequences for failing to draft and implement appropriate policies and procedures, and meaningful workforce training programs.

EIQ-2 Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

The great gift that modern HR can bring to all businesses and organizations is a new understanding of emotional intelligence in the work force. EIQ2 – Teamwork Makes the Dream Work is a 2.5 hour course that takes anyone interested in emotional intelligence and its role in the workforce through key behaviors that can positively impact and group and take work to a new level of superior execution.

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Turn your group into a high functioning team. Using Emotional Intelligence, you can transform your company into a tightly knit team that excels in fulfilling whatever mission your company or group is focused on. Discover how you can positively impact your group and take quantum leaps towards superior execution. A great team is in the habit of performing at a high level.