GattiHR’s Annual Leadership Survey Goes Global!

Each year, participants in our Annual Leadership Survey share the challenges they face keeping their organizations competitive. Recruiting great talent, maintaining employee health & wellness, improving diversity and inclusion, navigating generational differences, managing social media and branding, and a myriad of employee engagement related issues aren’t just “HR issues”.  For most organizations, they’re success/fail issues.  They top the list of business challenges for the entire C-Suite, not just the CHRO.   As we learned at the Praxi Alliance Global Summit this month, these are also global issues.  

For the most part, the global economy is on a tear, and over and over, leaders tell us that finding and keeping talent is their primary constraint to growth.  Some tell us that everyone who wants a job, has a job, and yet there are more than 7M open opportunities across the US alone.  Leaders are drinking out of the proverbial firehose of change and opportunity but can’t capitalize on it. They know they need talent people who are collaborative and independent; precise and flexible, cautious and creative.  They need to be competent and deliberate in the way they solve complex problems, but please, “be quick about it” too.

Data AND people are the fuel that power successful organizations.  That’s why our partners at Praxi Alliance agreed that expanding our annual HR Leadership survey was a good idea.  When we shared results from previous years and discussed the possibilities for going global, we got strong and immediate support.  As a result, our 2019 HR Leadership Survey the largest endeavor of its kind, will help participants understand the issues and solutions that organizations around the world are adopting. We want to build the survey into a global tool for understanding workforce issues.  

Our most recent Leadership Survey (2018) included responses from almost 1200 participants across 46 US States and nearly every industry, up from about 400 participants during the previous year.  With the 2019 survey, we’re swinging for the fences.  We’ll be embarking on a huge experiment in crowd-sourced problem solving by CEO’s, CHRO’s and other leaders who wrestle with workforce challenges every day. 

The expanded effort will deploy in more than 8 languages and will deliver greater reach and dimension into issues like recruiting, diversity and inclusion, workplace safety and talent management as well as a broad range of engagement-related topics.

We’ll also explore the intersection of talent and technology and take the pulse of HR Tech around the world.  Cloud-based HR Tech has delivered the promise of speed, efficiency and a transformed employee experience, but we’re only just scratching the surface of its potential.  Interesting applications, like facial recognition-based time and attendance systems, are making workplaces more friction-free and more secure than ever.   Technologies like organizational network analysis are letting managers see how work is getting done – how people are collaborating, who is being excluded from the conversation, and where friction is getting in the way of people doing their best work.  In a post-industrial era where all many managers see is a team staring at their laptops, simply knowing what people are actually working on, and who they’re working with is a challenge.  Now, by analyzing network traffic flows, an organization can quickly illuminate the strength of relationships between individuals, teams, departments and groups, identifying key organizational influencers (as well as potential bottlenecks). It’s a fascinating picture and helps early identification of diversity & inclusion issues, disengagement and flight risk.


March 6th saw the release of GattiHR’s 2019 Workforce Leadership Survey Trends Report which, confirms the workforce challenges businesses face worldwide. This 3rd annual survey was conducted in partnership with the PRAXI Alliance, a 28-member global network of Workforce Management firms. With responses from nearly 1,400 Business Leaders in 33 countries and more than 17 industries, this year’s survey identifies the critical workforce management challenges organizations face to remain competitive.


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